4-5 june 2022



Distance on open ocean

The course runs along Limhamn, the

beach of Sibbarp  and under the magnificent Öresund Bridge. 

Distance 4, 7 and 18 km

Beach Race

Start and finish on land..

Classisc  M-course with five bouys

and mandatory beach run between

the laps

Distance 2 and 5 km

200 meter SUPersprint

Start standing on water 

 200 meter straight ahead


Elite Class

If you are gathering points or

if your goal is to be part of

National Team this is your division.

Here you will meet the best

female and male racers in Swede

Touring Class

 This is your division if you just have

started to race, doesn´t race that often or

if you have just started paddling

Youth Class

If you are under 18 y/o and want to race,

this is your class. In the youth class you

will start together with the touring class

Additional info


Malmö Ocean Race is part of the

Swedish SUP-race Serie 

The event is a two star event which gives

double rankingpoint.

The event also adds ranking points to

your SUP World Ranking

National Team

The contest will count as a qualifier for the

national team. You must participate in

the elite class to qualify


At FIRST CAMP SIBBARP you stay next

to the event area. When booking tell

them you are participating to get discount